The Girl with a large heart ♥

Hi there!!! I hope everything is going well with you people. One thing that in have learnt here is that our lives are very small to learn only from our own experiences, we should take lessons from other individuals also. We should see what should not be done and what we should do live a better life, by observing others around us. So i will share the story of a friend of mine, who in her life has displayed exemplary courage and reselience to deal with the worst of problems. The girl who faught with life everytime life decided to hit her. The GIRL WITH A LARGE HEART♥

So this friend of mine in her life, went through so much at a very young age. She had to face heartbreak, she had to face diseases, she had to even compromise with her dream. She had to deal with all this alone. She had to experience physical pains, mental afflictions and alot of emotional chaos.Like anyone, she must have got thoughts provoking self harm and suicide. There was jeopardy in her relationship with everyone close to her, her family her friends and even her connection with herself. She had to compromise on herself. For some 2 years in life she kept on losing people, health and time. Like any other individual she also thought that why all this is happening to her, how can this be corrected and all that stuff. So what did this girl do? What could she have done? In times when nothing was going her way. What could she do? You must be thinking that. But what she did has made me right this here today.

Despite of the pains and afflictions she was facing, she didn’t simply let life carry her away. She tried and tried and tried to fight with her life. She tried to race with her life with a broken leg. When there was darkness all around she looked for the light where ever she went. Be it her health, be it her relationships,be it her dream all of that was shattered into pieces.She alone picked them up and started recreating her life. The way she wanted it to be. The people she wanted to keep, the dreams she wanted to pursue, the health she had to mantain. All of this she attempted when life was continually hitting her hard. But there she was blaming no one and cursing no one, at a time when almost everyone was playing with her. She went straight through all that happened to her. She made it through that web, she made her life again, she made herself again. Ready to tackle life head on, to interact with new people, to pursue new dreams even bigger and to get her health back. So after all that struggle of about 2 years, here she was back in life but this time by beating it in the race that she ran with a broken leg. But how did she manage to do all this? Well all of us face problems, but we cling on to them and give up and never come out of them. But that girl didn’t accept that. She stood up and fought for herself with life itself. This made her get out of that. This let her take back the control of her life. She refused to get down by the blows that life gave her. She faught and faught and faught hard to get through and she did.

Now this does not mean that she is living a problem free life now. No, that is not practical. But what she does is that everytime a problem comes into her life, she is ready to fight with it and deal it with all her capacity. This makes her get things back on track quickly.

This girl, the girl with a large heart ♥,is an inspiration for many of us, people who refuse to get up even when little things go wrong. Who let life knock them down, who let life break them, who let people and circumstances drain them. This girl is an inspiration. She is an epitome of courage and patience. Undoubtedly she did all this in a very hard way. But the point is that she did. And she will keep on doing that now.

She will keep inspiring people around her with her reselience. She will deal with what ever life offers with a smile and a lot of courage. She will keep on doing this all her life because she is made that way, she is made strong, she is made resilient and courageous. Even after going through all this, she has a LARGE HEART ♥.

This girl is an inspiration to all of us,on how to tackle life when it hits us hard on head.


Hi there!!! After Reading the title you might be wondering what is this ? I mean seriously? Spirituality and success? Can these two terms be interconnected? But you will get to know this after reading the article .

So spirituality means to connect with the inner self or the higher power up there!!! So for connecting with our inner self, we need a lot of restraint, control regulation of thought, diet, habits, all in all we need to change our lifestyle if we want to find our inner self. Here are some things which will help you to understand :-


Be it rising EARLY in the morning or eating only vegan food. All of this requires restraint and control over the MIND, which controls the body and the senses. In the BHAGAVAD GEETA the lord says “A controlled mind is one’s best friend and an uncontrollable mind forms the best enemy”. In our routine lives we also see this thing very clearly, this mind simply makes us do unwanted things which yield unwanted results. We make certain choices by getting overpowered by mind, choices which we should not make, we say words we should not say, we do things which we should not do. All this just for the will of the MIND. So, controlling the mind is not easy either for someone who is spiritual or for someone who is not. Mind is just a bundle of THOUGHTS. It is not a physical entity. Our scriptures tell us that the human mind possesses the prowess of 10000 elephants. Now this seems very positive. But is as destructive as well,taking cognizance of the fact that is veryy hard to master. Now spirituality offers us a path to take reins of this mind back in our hands,although it is stated very clearly that is very difficult for anyone. But being spiritual does gives us a fair fair chance to domesticate this wild thing called the MIND not easily though. So by controlling our diets, habits, sleeping patterns we can come closer to control the mind fully. how can a controlled mind benefit someone to achieve success in life?

Yes sir!!! It can. What is life made up of? Choices, actions huh?? So how do we make choices or how do we act? We do that with the help of our mind. We go through three phases before doing anything. These are:-

1) to think

2) to feel

3) to act

All of these can not happen without mind being involved. So of the mind is under control and if it is technically sound for taking decisions then how can anything go wrong? If we make the right choice at the right time and place, we have done our part correctly,rest we cant control. But this right action will lower the chances of our failure. We will be able to make correct choices just if we have a sound,clear and calm mind. And this is achievable just with help of spirituality. You take almost any of the most successful and hailed people of the world. Swami vivekanda, Mahatama gandhi, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela all of them had a very deep insight and hunger for spirituality and the inner self. Is this a coincidence? We see now, that the once critical western world is now adopting eastern philosophies and practices like Yoga etc. So concluding this i will just say that we should do the SANKHYA(ANALYSIS) of all that is written above . Spirituality and material success go hand in hand as both require a CALM CLEAR AND SOUND MIND AND SPIRITUALITY OFFERS THE WAY TO DO SO.

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